jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

estas son las imagenes de una salida de terpel en el colegio del grado 9º2

compañia de turismo zcv

is formed by:

maryelli garcia
yenifer gutierrez
miller cardona
brahian cardenas
Grade: 9 º 2
Subjects: Technology
Professor: dolly mejia
institucion educativa fe y alegria granizal

This project aims to develop the idea of creating a touring club Antioquia.

this club will have as a mechanism to identify its members a card that certifies as cia.zcv members. This membership will benefit preferential multiples among whom were discounted at the entrance to parks and recreation, as well as in taverns and also discounts on all travel plans are developed in the country.

for the above comapñia zcv the focus to the development and formulation of strategic alliances with the compensation funds: family, travel agents, tourist centers, hotels, hostels, farms, parks and others in the department.

Our company was created basically to show the tourist sites of the Antioquia department, as the main objective of the company, without forgetting that there are other tourist spots in our whole Colombian territory.
the company that this very well positioned in the market, recognized by all consumers, which is legally constituted and to have previously specialized personnel in the hotel and tourism arrangements, customer service, marketing, telemarketing to meet the needs our customers or consumers, have different points of sales at department and national level.
be a leading company in national and departmental level and promote tourism taking into account different factors such as religion, traditions, holidays, vacations. product type: offer a service, providing "a tourism plan"
organization of work area:
Brahian: Chief of Staff
Yenifer: chief administrative management
Miller: Point of Sale Administrator
Maryelli: mercaddeo chief or telemarketing (telemarcadeo)

transportando sueños

marketing area
in this mode are handled sales strategies in telemarketing (calling potential customers to return to use our services) Jan this area also examines the strategies to move the business such as advertising: TV commercials, info by means of radio
area of human talent:
in this mode is driven creativity, innovation by the staff of our company to try to improve the work within the organization and attention to consumers or customers.
Contract type
in our company going to handle 3 types of contracts: - Fixed contract - Indefinite term contract - Learning contract (temporary)
specification of the company
provide a service in the area of recreation, tourism, packages to tourist sites, quinciañeras packages, rental properties, haast 25% discount for people who have the tourist card or passport (travel card)